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Listening to Music Offers a New Way of Thinking About Drinking

Wednesday 23
November 2011 @ 16:40

The Vancouver Sun has reported on a new Web site that matches beats with beverages, much the same way cheese appears alongside wine.

Artists such as Elton and Justin Bieber appear on, which has racked up more than five million hits in its first three days of operation alone. And though the suggestions aren’t scientific, experts say there’s indeed science behind the notion of music affecting a drink’s appeal.

“It’s a different kind of pairing; instead of sensory, it’s more cognitive,” says Antonia Mantonakis, associate professor of marketing at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont.

To illustrate, Mantonakis refers to a 2008 study in which taste perceptions of wine were influenced by as much as 60 percent when certain songs were played.

Mantonakis says a possible explanation is that music activates semantic memory – that is, our shared knowledge of a particular artist or genre – and that this activation affects behaviour.

California vintner Clark Smith believes Mozart is a good fit for Pinot Noir while British Columbia winery The Vibrant Vine, recommends Elton’s Rocket Man for its Gewürztraminer.