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An award-winning TV and radio host who interviewed everyone from Sir Elton to Russian President Vladimir Putin, died this morning.


Larry King was 87. No cause of death was revealed, but he had been hospitalised with coronavirus. 
Upon hearing the news, Elton wrote that the broadcaster was ”a gentleman” and that he considered it ”a pleasure and honour” to be interviewed by him.
While King was known for his CNN talk show, which ran for 25 years, he was also a philanthropist. He started a foundation aimed at providing life-saving cardiac procedures for those who couldn’t afford them (having suffered a heart attack himself).
Lawrence Harvey Zeiger (his real name) made appearances as himself in movies and television. Among them were Ghostbusters and Murphy Brown. And after he parted ways with CNN, the King co-founded Ora TV to produce his web series, Larry King Now. 
His friend, Ryan Seacrest, considered him to be a mentor and ”an American treasure.”
Former President Bill Clinton remembered him as having ”a great sense of humour and genuine interest in people.” Earvin Magic Johnson said he loved talking to the New Yorker, who was ”always well prepared, asked intelligent questions, and always made the interviews fun, serious, and entertaining!”
Piers Morgan tweeted that his colleague was a ”brilliant broadcast and masterful TV interviewer” while Kirstie Alley said he was ”one of the only talk show hosts who let you talk.”