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Catherine Britt knows support is a key ingredient in the fight against cancer. 

That’s why the Newcastle country music star was so touched when Elton dedicated Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me to her during his engagement in the Hunter Valley on Saturday night.

She shared the moment on Instagram, saying “I had the most amazing night … catching up with my old friend [Elton John] with my husband and our folks.”

“He even dedicated ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ to me and it made for a perfect night,” she wrote.

“We were all hugging and singing along after it happened,” she told the Newcastle Herald.

“We met up with him afterwards and had a chat … He wanted to know where I was up to with my treatment.

“He is one of the most famous people who has done a lot for cancer awareness, and he has done a lot for breast cancer.

“He was like ‘you’re doing the right thing,’ ‘you’re going to kill this thing’.”

Ms Britt said his support has given her a boost.