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Some tabloids have recently accused David Furnish of trying to take over Elton’s life.

This is partially because the filmmaker presided over an 18-month cost-cutting regime that has seen the departure of staff who’ve been with Elton for decades.

“I call him Yoko,” jokes Elton, before launching into a vigorous defence of his husband.

“People think he’s on a power trip. He’s not. My business is solvent since David took over, we have money put aside for tax. Being me is a bit like being king in a medieval court. People get infatuated with money and power. There’s a jostling for position. David won’t have it. He is taking care of business. He’s doing it because he loves me, ’cos he wants our family to have a very secure future and he doesn’t want me to be on the road for the rest of my life. He’s getting rid of the dross, with a capital D. It’s an unpopular place to be, but somebody has to be Cruella de Vil.”