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The May 4th issue of Rolling Stone contains a compilation of what the magazine considers to be the 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years.

These include Elton’s six-date Troubadour residency in 1970. Initially, the  23-year-old wasn’t well-known. He soon became a sensation, though, reportedly playing with ”punklike energy” on Take Me to the Pilot and 60 Years On and treating the audience to standards like Great Balls of Fire and Honky Tonk Women.

The overwhelming reception encouraged Elton to try new things onstage, including donning Mickey Mouse ears and jumping up and down, Nigel Olsson believes. It helped kick off the singer’s ”strange gear,” he remarks.

Elton says he was ”working on adrenaline” and it was ”all systems go” back then. He adds that 47 years later, he still loves what he does.