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Rod Stewart recently spoke about having prostate cancer, which his friend Elton also battled.

The latter discussed this on Monday’s Today Show on NBC. He also spoke about his coke addiction and his friendship with Princess Diana.

He called her ”one of the most fun people” he’d ever met.

“No matter who she met with — a person in the hospital or someone at a dinner party — she was warm as could be, and she was funny as could be.”

Elton was on the show to promote his new autobiography. He also did an interview with CBS, which was broadcast on their overnight edition early Tuesday.

He said his sons were why he wrote Me.

“I just want them to understand what I went through, the journey that I had before I had them. How they made my life complete. How they’ve, you know, finished the circle. And that, you know, they were the last chapter on an incredible life. Maybe not the last chapter, but the best chapter.”

Elton also looked back at one of his life’s earliest chapter, being able to pick up a tune on the radio at a very young age.

Music was a gift, and also a refuge from a mother who was, as he writes “the Cecile B. DeMille of bad moods.”

“My mum was a very hard working woman; she worked her butt off, to pay for my education,” he noted. “And I’m so appreciative of that. But you never knew what kind of person would walk through the back door after work – which one is it gonna be today?”

The piano player also spoke about Bernie Taupin. They are never in the same room when working on songs.

Elton explained that he reads through Taupin’s lyrics and looks at the title.

”And then a little film comes into my mind, a visual. So, by the time I get to the end of reading the lyric, I kind of know what tempo the song might be. And then, I just literally put my hands on the keyboard and hope for the best. And that, again, is a divine act.”

He thinks that Your Song took 40 minutes to compose.

Elton also recalled finding success in America. He said: ”We were having so much fun being in the land of music, which is America. We just were on adrenaline. And it was just so joyous, so joyous.”

And now, his autobiography’s complete. But the story is far from over.

“I’m 72 years of age; I feel as if I’m 18,” he said. “And I’ve still got a lot of living to do hopefully with my children. And who knows what I’m gonna be doing? I really don’t know. And I don’t care. I don’t care to know. I just want to be surprised.”