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Elton has spoken with Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden about post-Brexit travel arrangements for touring musicians. The former was recently among a group of over 100 musicians criticising the Government in a letter which said performers have been ”shamefully failed” by new visa rules.


John and Dowden discussed ideas for how music-makers can tour the EU and other parts of the world going forward. The UK’s post-Brexit travel rules do not guarantee visa-free travel for musicians in the EU.
Elton called their 20-minute meeting ”positive.” He revealed that they both agreed there’s lots to be achieved by working together to find a solution to the problem, proving opportunities for ”the next generation of musicians to tour the EU without prohibitive red tape.” Dowden said it was ”great” to speak to Elton and David Furnish about ”growing the UK music sector.”
Elton also discussed the topic with ITV News. He said yesterday that he is ready ”to go into battle” for young entertainers, to make it easier for them to tour Europe after Brexit. He wants to make sure they get the same opportunities that helped make him a global star.
.”We have to sort this out from now on.”
He also said: ”You make a decision to leave the EU, you’re stuck with what the consequences are, you have to deal with them and make sure that they can be improved, and they can be overcome”
He acknowledged that it was a ”democratic decision” which he disagreed with, but ”there’s no point in moaning about it now. It’s an irreversible decision and I’m an optimist and you have to be an optimist in the situation. It may be a bit prickly, the situation now, because it’s very raw. That doesn’t mean to say it’s not going to improve over the coming months.”
Elton added that music is one of the UK’s ”greatest exports” and the country is ”at the forefront of the industry.”