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Elton And Others Remember Mo
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 22
August 2005 @ 17:32

On Friday, Mo Mowlam, ex-Northern Ireland Secretary and 18-month agony aunt for the men’s magazine Zoo, died.

She was 55 years old, and lost consciousness after a fall. Since 1997, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, Mowlam had problems with balance.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton called her ”an integral part” of putting together a peace process in the region that ”has endured over a decade.”

Tony Blair characterised her as ”shrewd” and ”remarkable,” while Elton said she was ”one of the most charismatic politicians of our time.”

In 1998, fans may recall that the politician invited the Rocket Man to be the first artist to ever play Belfast’s Stormont Castle. He accepted her offer, playing a free open-air concert . . . so that proceeds could go instead toward building educational facilities in the parkland.