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Elton and The Gores, I read it in a magazine
Posted by editor

Thursday 21
September 2000 @ 0:44

What have Benny and the Jets, Al Gore and Elton got in common? The world got to know on September 19, 2000, when Elton performed the song at his first political fundraiser, where Vice President Al Gore rocked on the dance floor with his wife Tipper at a dinner party with wealthy supporters.

Elton said he was campaigning for Gore because “I do not want this country to have to live under George W Bush.”


About 300 people paid up to $25,000 (£16,600) each to join the Gores and Elton at the Californian home of Eric Schmidt, chief executive of software maker Novell.

“I’ve never done a political fundraiser before,” Elton said, adding that he had been coming to America for 30 years. Wearing a black brocade jacket, he played nine of his hits, including Your Song, Daniel, Rocket Man, Philadelphia Freedom and Crocodile Rock.

Organisers had expected him to do only four songs but he kept going. Gore and his wife swayed to the music and joined guests on their feet as the beat picked up with Benny and the Jets. The Gores broke into a jitterbug next to their table, to the delight of the crowd. Members of the audience held candles for the final song, Candle in the Wind.

Elton says he is a great believer in Gore, who moments earlier had talked about his commitment to improving education and health care, preserving a woman’s right to have an abortion and cleaning up the environment. “His views in everything coincide with mine,” Elton said.

On behalf of Elton’s statements about Presidential Candidate Al Gore:

Many fans scorned Elton’s endorsement of Al Gore. Please be aware that a fan club is NOT the appropriate outlet for such things.

By endorsing Al Gore, Elton did what he thought was appropriate. No one is to judge him for his personal opinion. Even though he is not American, Elton John certainly has the right to express his opinion about American politics. He lives there quite some time!