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Elton avoids black liner bag: Parkinson interview
Posted by editor

Saturday 18
January 1997 @ 1:00

Elton appeared on the recently revived Parkinson show with Michael Parkinson on BBC TV. Shown on January 17, 1997, Elton, said he’d received letters suggesting he should have been knighted “Dame”!


“It is great. I love my country. I have always loved it and I have always lived here,” he said. “It is a nice reward,” he added.


Elton then came on to perform Recover Your Soul. 

In a candid and often good-humoured interview, Elton talked about Princess Diana, and his own conquering of booze and drugs. He revealed his music helped him fend off drugs, and said he regularly still gets nightmares about drugs. He can recognise anyone on cocaine and will always make haste to move away to better social company: “Even though I was rat-faced and out of my mind, I still toured and made records, otherwise I would be in a black liner bag by now,” he said.