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Elton being sued for arts fraud slur
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French arts dealer turns tables on Elton

Friday 9
May 2003 @ 20:20

In a  twist to the failed arts fraud case brought last week by Elton against a French arts dealer, it transpires that the dealer is now suing Elton, reported the Daily Dish on May 5, 2003.

A British arts expert, Simon Yates, advised Elton that sculptures he bought were fakes.

Paris-based arts dealer Jean Renoncourt argued in court that it was all a British plot.

“It’s an open secret that whenever a millionaire starts spending money on antiques in France, the Anglo-Saxon auction houses try to discredit what they buy here to lure them back home,” declared Renoncourt, who’s now suing Elton for damages.

Elton was reported to be furious at losing the court case in France.

Elton John loses case against art dealer in French court – Wednesday, April 30 2003 at 19:46:48