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Eltonblabet -He’s too old to adopt child
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Repeats to Swedish press what he told Sunday Mail

Wednesday 19
September 2001 @ 17:58

Elton John said in an interview published on September 18, 2001, he was too old to adopt a child at 54, but would have done so 20 years ago.

In what appeared a repetition of comments he made earlier this week to Scotland’s Sunday Mail Elton told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet he and his partner David Furnish had thought a lot about adopting a child.

“But I have come to the conclusion that it is too late for me. Had it been 20 years ago, then I would definitely have done it,” Elton told the paper, in what it called an exclusive interview.

Elton, who was in Sweden to promote his album on a television show said: “I don’t want to be 70 years old when my daughter turns 16.”

He also said his fame would cause “extra big” responsibilities because celebrity parents attracted so much media attention.

“David and I are one of the world’s most famous gay couples.” He also remarked that his and David’s busy schedules could take their toll on good parenting.

Elton criticised discrimination against homosexuals in his latest album Songs from the West Coast, Aftonbladet said.

“I am proud to be gay, but at the same time I don’t live for being gay.”


Here is the Sunday Mail story:

Elton revealed his partner David Furnish had been keen to adopt a child but he had serious reservations. The revelations came in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mail on September 16, 2001.

The newspaper, which is not part of the Daily Mail which five days earlier erroneously said Elton would wed, was speaking to the singer on the eve of the Scottish People’s Film Festival where he was promoting David’s new film Women Talking Dirty which is set in Edinburgh.

Elton said: “I said to David, ‘If you had asked me 20 years ago, I would probably have said yes’. But we are one of the most publicised gay couples in the world. The kid is going to have paparazzi following it. I don’t want to put a child through that. I’d rather just pay for some kid’s education and put him or her through university in the country they were born – in South Africa or wherever.”

Elton, who has been with David for eight years, talked candidly about his support for the Scottish People’s Film Festival, which is sponsored by the Sunday Mail and brewers McEwan’s.

Elton said he is proud that Women Talking Dirty, the first movie from his production company, Rocket Pictures, is to get a gala screening in Glasgow on September 28, 2001.

The film has an all-star cast featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Gina McKee and tells the story of the friendship between a free spirit and a shy cartoonist.

Elton is not expected in Glasgow for the premiere but David and members of the cast will be there. Other stars include Rab C Nesbitt favourites Elaine C Smith and Barbara Rafferty, One Foot In The Grave star Richard Wilson and Cold Feet‘s James Nesbitt. Much of the filming was done in Edinburgh.

Elton, who revealed he had spent many holidays in the Highlands and other parts of Scotland, said: “I was happy that it was done in Scotland. Everyone who sees it says how great Edinburgh looks. I think it’s a really good, sweet little movie. I am really proud of it.”

He said: “We are doing another movie now with the American actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. It’s going to be with another Scottish writer, Al Kennedy, and will be filmed in Glasgow.”

He said he had always loved Scotland and had managed to safeguard his privacy even while he was out and about on holiday, mainly during his marriage to Renate.

He said: “I have always gone out. I have never been a recluse. I have always lived my life saying that you can’t be a prisoner of success. People were so surprised to see me in Scotland that they didn’t bother me. I have always loved Scotland.”

Elton added that his Scottish links even extended to his long career in the music industry.

In his first recognition of his former manager who is a persona non grata to Elton since splitting in May 1998, he said: “I always seem to have had a connection with the country. John Reid, my former manager, was Scottish.

“And I’ve had Scots such as Davey Johnstone in the band. Scottish road crews, of course, are legendary.”