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Elton could soon be hip!
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Music Monarch Elton rocks Kings Dock, Liverpool

Sunday 14
July 2002 @ 17:29

As we have yet to receive a review from fans who went to the Liverpool show on July 9, 2002, we thought we might as well share a few amusing snippets from a review by UK newspaper journalist Dave Simpson, contained in the July 11, 2002 edition of The Guardian:

Dave gave Elton four stars out of five, not bad for a sometime Elton fan. He wrote:

It comes to something when the loudest gig I’ve seen this year is by Elton blessed John. Over an enthralling two and a half hours, he ignores his MTV years and mixes the new album with songs from Madman Across the Water and Honky Chateau, once the staple diet of pot-smoking, glam students. At one point, he even performs a song by Ryan Adams – the modern staple diet of pot-smoking, glam students.

“This Elton seems different from the boring or barmy figure depicted in the tabloids. He rounds on (fomer U.S. President Ronald) Reagan (“He did bugger all for Aids. I hope he has a conscience”), dedicates the sublime I Want Love to his Auntie Rita, and wanders around grinning, signing autographs.

“A sublime solo section reminds everyone that whatever his excesses, no one articulates regular emotions quite like Elton, with Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word particularly stunning. Towards the end, there are raucous renditions of I’m Still Standing (although, technically, he is sitting down) and Pinball Wizard. He leaves the stage to house music. It is alarming to report, but at this rate Sir Elton may soon be hip.

“Elton John is edging further and further away from the mainstream. Following revelations about past addictions to cocaine, cockles and wigs and a disturbingly honest TV portrait, Tantrums and Tiaras, last week saw a two-hour radio programme discussing his latest outrage. Prompted by the singer’s tirade against a photographer (see story: One More Elton John Tantrum, July 1, 2002) listeners phoned up in fury. “He’s a disgrace,” shrieked one complainant. “Strip him of his knighthood.” Elton did not comment, but may have been delighted to be seen as dangerous.

“It may be a mid-life crisis, or – as he suggests – sheer boredom with the manufactured modern music industry, but Elton is clearly having fun. Last year’s Songs from the West Coast was an acclaimed return to his 1970s roots.”

[Ed. Thanks Dave.]