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Elton drummer at Radio Hey Now
Posted by webmaster
Tuesday 13
September 2005 @ 19:03

Elton John’s former drummer Charlie Morgan is coming to the UK for the first time in 3 years. He will be George Matlock’s guest in a forthcoming edition of London Jazz on Radio Hey Now.

Charlie was on stage with Elton at the historic original Live Aid benefit concert in 1985 and stayed in Elton’s band until the late 1990s. He has also worked with Tina Turner, Nick Kershaw and others. Charlie penned the them tune to a famous British television crime drama.

If you have a question for Charlie, now is the time to send it in! What is more, the first question selected at random by Charlie in the studio will win a CD personally chosen for the fans by Charlie and signed with his famous motif.

Please make sure you submit your questions at  no later than 1800 GMT on Saturday, Sept 17, 2005.



Charlie Morgan, 2002 on last visit to UK.

Enjoy the show live at and

The show will be broadcast during London Jazz on September 23 from 9pm (2200 CET).