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Elton glasses on display
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See them in the Buddy Holly Center

Saturday 15
March 2003 @ 5:56

The Buddy Holly Center located in Lubbock, Texas  is proud to display a pair of stage glasses donated in January of 2002 by Elton. The glasses, from Elton Johns 1974 stage appearances, are now on display in the Buddy Holly Gallery.

The Center collects, preserves and interprets artifacts relevant to Lubbock’s most famous native son, Buddy Holly, as well as to other performing artists and musicians of West Texas.

Buddys glasses became such a distinctive feature that some singers tried to look more like him by wearing glasses they didnt need. Elton John is quoted as saying “I only needed specs for reading, but as a result of wearing them all the time to try to look like Buddy Holly, I became genuinely nearsighted. ”

1974, interestingly, was during Eltons “wild” years of pink and green hair, seven inch platform boots, and flared bell bottom pants. “The clothes I wear have always been to conceal the fact that I am horribly shy, ” Elton has said.

The addition of Elton Johns glasses to the Buddy Holly Collection speaks to Buddys continuing impact on popular music.

To view Elton Johns glasses, as well as the Buddy Holly Collection, visit the Buddy Holly Center at 1801 Avenue G in Lubbock, Texas.

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