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Elton had one of his Moments
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Elton on VH1 series V Moments

Sunday 29
September 2002 @ 10:43

Elton was featured on the music TV channel VH1 series TV Moments on September 22, 2002, at 9pm EST.

Elton has always had a flair for the visual. Witness the feather boas, crazy eyewear, powdered wigs and eleborate stages and venues.

He’s a singer with style and attitude-perfectly suited for TV. TV Moments: Elton John focussed on many memorable TV moments in the popular singer’s career, from his 1971 debut on American television on The Andy Williams Show to recent groundbreaking videos from the Songs From the West Coast album.

Elton’s TV moments show off the many sides of this talented performer including the dynamic performer who rocks Madison Square Garden, the gifted comedian who dropped in on The Muppet Show and the generous friend who paid tribute to a princess.

With the help of rare interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, TV Moments: Elton John took a second take at the remarkable 30-plus year career of one of the world’s most famous singer-songwriters.

The show featured among other snippets:

The Muppet Show – December 1977
Elton sings 3 songs solo and a finale of his hit “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” with Miss Piggy!

Saturday Night Live – April 17, 1982
Performs “Empty Garden” which he wrote for John Lennon. Elton’s only time on SNL ever.

South Park – October 7, 1998
Elton makes guest appearance (and lends his voice for the song “Wake Up Wendy”) for the Chef Aid episode of Comedy Central’s animated hit show.

Ally McBeal – November 26, 2001
Plays himself on 2001-02 season debut, singing 3 songs in bar scenes with the cast .