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Elton Has Slammed Two World Leaders
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 1
October 2007 @ 16:18

At the EJAF September 25 fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria, Elton claimed the abstinence programs that George Bushs administration was banking on were nothing but a tragic waste of money.

He also urged people not to follow such programs.

The New York Daily News quoted him as saying: ”They’ve made a grave error in giving millions to abstinence programs. They don’t work. They were told in the beginning that it wouldn’t work. It’s a tragic waste of money. Please don’t listen to those idiots. God almighty.”

Elton also criticised South African President Thabo Mbeki for supporting his health ministers notions that garlic beetroots, lemon and olive oil were better than antiretroviral medicines in treating the disease.

”There are some weird people in the world what can I say? I would just tell them, ‘Don’t let the AIDS crisis get lost.’ ”

The vocalist revealed that his foundation’s newest target would be the Caribbean.

His latest Enduring Vision benefit raised over 2.25 million dollars.