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Elton in Dusseldorf
Posted by editor

2 hours an a half of pure happiness

Friday 21
June 2002 @ 16:51

Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf – yesterday, June 20 2002 10.35 pm

The Eltons show is just finished and it was 2 hours an a half of pure happiness.

It was the fifth time that I saw Etlon in Germany, but I had never noticed the German audiences fervour. Yesterday it was obvious. I was standing among dozens of real fans.

Teased by the audience, Elton made his real “show”: faces and poses for the journalists and for the fans as well.

For instance after the first few notes of Crocodile Rock, Elton stopped abruptly, put his index finger in his mouth to made the noise of a Champagne cork. The band also seemed in a very great mood and enjoyed the show.

At the end of the show, Elton said how much he has enjoyed this show and how the German audience never disappoints him.

The complete set list of the Dusseldorf show:

  • Funeral for a friend / Love lies bleeding Bennie and the Jets
  • Daniel
  • Someone saved my life tonight
  • Ballad of the boy …
  • Philadelphia Freedom
  • The wasteland
  • Rocket man
  • I guess that’s why …
  • I want love
  • This train …
  • Take me to the pilot
  • Sacrifice
  • Sorry seems to be …
  • Oh my sweet Carolina
  • American triangle
  • Have mercy on the criminal
  • Elton presents the band
  • Holiday inn
  • Tiny dancer
  • Original sin
  • I’m still standing
  • Crocodile rock
  • Pinball wizard
  • Don’t let the sun ..
  • Your song

Story supplied by Jean-Paul Cloes