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Elton is (nearly) talk of the Town Of Plenty
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Elton John is talked about – but only after 35 others are gossiped about says TV poll

Friday 19
July 2002 @ 17:48

Elton John is – a sexy beast, filthy stinkin’ rich, a scandal magnet, has the en vogue, master of all they survey, uses plenty of props, and has that certain, er, we cannot quite describe it, Je Ne Sais Quoi. Well, only just!

Elton has been voted 36 out of 40 in the Mojo 40, a light-hearted review of celebrities based upon seven categories by cable TV broadcaster VH1.

And you can see the countdown on VH1 TV in a four-hour Countdown Special on Saturday, July 20, 2002, at 7:00-11:00 P.M. (ET/PT).

Topping the list are singers Jennifer Lopez (1) and Ozzy Osbourne (2). Madonna only makes 9, Moby, a favourite of Elton but a rather non-plussed individual, was 17, headline-grabbing Eminem who duetted with Elton in 2001 was 18, Britney Spears (21), Paul McCartney (26).

The categories are:

1. Sexy Beast: How hot are they? These are the stars you can’t look at without picturing them naked.

2. Filthy Stinkin Rich: Do they have tons of money in the bank? This category’s reserved for those that are rolling in dough.

3. En Vogue: Would they get a thumbs-up from Joan and Melissa Rivers? Do even their sweat pants say ‘Versace’?

4. Scandal Magnet: Are they making headlines for misbehavin’? When the public finds being convicted has sex appeal, thats scandal.

5. Je Ne Sais Quoi: The factor that you can’t put your finger on. They don’t have to be able to spell it…or even pronounce it. They just to have *it*.

6. Master Of All They Survey: If you see their name on album covers, movie posters, clothing labels, and tv dinners then they’re doin somthing right.

7. Props: Platinum albums, hit singles, Grammys, movie awards and other toys.