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Elton is still standing with £200M fortune
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A light-hearted, but objective look at Elton’s legal costs

Sunday 15
April 2001 @ 1:44

By George Matlock



It may not be our millions of pounds, but all Elton fans must be feeling a little bit unhappy about Elton’s setback in the courts this week. Whether it was £20 million he was claiming, or only £14 million, the fact is, he’s looking at legal expenses of £8 million.


To make us all feel a little better, we have unearthed some research which tells us Elton can weather this storm. Whether he appeals the court decision or trusts in the authority of the Crown, the man is still standing!


Here is research some “fresh evidence”.


Elton John was in the showbiz Top Five, according to The Rich Report 2001, released by the Mail on Sunday, January 21, 2001. Elton was 4th, with an estimated wealth of £200 million, behind top dog Sir Paul McCartney on £640 million, number two Sir Cameron Mackintosh, the impresario, on £360 million, and Lord Lloyd-Webber, on £350 million.


Elton was ahead of fifth-placed Mick Jagger, who has £180 million (although it is not clear whether this is before or after his expensive divorce settlement with ex-wife Jeryl Hall in 2000).


The report looked at Britain’s richest people only.


Musicians are often said to be impoverished. Well, even in the top league, that appears to hold true. The overall top 10 richest each had billions of pounds, not meagre millions. Packaging entrepreneur Hans Rausing was top of the deck, with £5.96 billion, the Duke of Westminster was second on £3.9 billion, and even tenth placed recruitment company chief Philippe Foriel-Destezet had £1.6 billion.


It just goes to show…a few million isn’t such a big loss!