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Elton John sues over `theft’ of documents
Posted by editor

Sunday 15
March 1998 @ 1:00

The Daily Telegraph London



SIR Elton John is taking legal action against a fan who allegedly rummaged through his dustbins and hacked into the computers of his management company to produce a newspaper expose of his alleged “spend, spend, spend”



Benjamin Pell, a trainee solicitor from Hendon, north London, has been served with a writ issued by the singer’s management company, John Reid Associates, to ban him from releasing any more alleged details of the pop star’s lifestyle.


Mr Pell, 34, who lives with his parents and described himself yesterday as “an Elton John fanatic” had allegedly used computers in his bedroom to hack into the pop star’s accounts.


The information, which included details of how Sir Elton allegedly spent more than pounds 500,000 in one day’s shopping and the contents of an alleged letter from the accountants Price Waterhouse appeared in a tabloid newspaper.