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Posted by webmaster

Friday 19
August 2005 @ 9:48

EJW is delighted to be back online, following weeks of anguish and hard work.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, realising how vital it is for readers to keep up with the latest news. But thanks in no small part, to our webmaster’s technical efforts and our U.S. editor, Cheryl Herman, we haven’t missed out on past and current events.

Most of the website is up and runnig again, however you’ll have to wait a bit more to see some features like the ecards and the “add your link” feature coming back.

And we’ll continue to carry other features, such as Cheryl’s Habits and merchandise for sale.

If you notice some misfunctioning, please drop a note to our webmaster and she’ll fix it.

Thanks a lot for your patience and happy to welcome back!

Fran Gilles Webmaster