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Elton joint-6th top music earner poll will claim
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Elton was on £15M in 2003 – Report

Saturday 1
November 2003 @ 5:57

Elton is joint-sixth highest-earning musician in the UK with a 2003 income of £15 million.

Elton shares the mantle with Madonna, whom he criticised this year for the James Bond theme she recorded.

But Elton was well behind top earner Sir Paul McCartney, whose commanding £40 million should help ensure that his newly-born daughter Beatrice was born with a nice start to life.

Simon Cowell, the impressario and critic on Pop Idols, has seen his earnings shoot up from £3 million to £33.5 million – putting him in second place behind Macca.

Robbie Williams was 3rd with £26 million, and Elton’s pal Sting 4th with £25.14 million, fifth was Phil Collins on £25.12 million.

Behind Elton and Madonna was Eric Clapton in 8th position with his Runnaway Gravy Train of £13.8 million. Big mouth Rod Stewart was 9th on £13 million and Sir Mick Jagger was 10th on £12 million.

Ozzy Osbourne, with whose wife Elton got cosy for a TV show recently, was 12th on £8 million and one-time pal George Michael was 20th on £3.1 million.

The findings will be published in The Sunday Times Pay List on November 2, 2003.

How the money piles up in 2003. (2002 figures in brackets)

1. Paul McCartney: £40m (£35m)

2. Simon Cowell: £33.5m (£3m)

3. Robbie Williams: £26m (£10m)

4. Sting: £25m (£21.8m)

5. Phil Collins £25m (£6.3m)

6. Elton John £15m (£9.7m)

6. Madonna: £15m (£36m)

8. Eric Clapton: £13.8m (£14.2m)

9. Rod Stewart: £13m (12m)

10. Mick Jagger: £12m (£24.5m)

10. Keith Richards: £12m (£24m)

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