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Elton pal Safra killed after “heroic” attempt of male nurse
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Banker in fire in Monaco, court hears

Saturday 23
November 2002 @ 6:25

Elton is a high-profile friend of Lily Safra, the widow of billionnaire banker Edmond Safra.

On November 21, 2002, a court in Monaco heard that Ted Maher, 44, a make nurse, allegedly started a fire that killed his employer Safra.

At the time, there were suspicions it was a terrorist attack, as Safra had links with the Middle East.

Soldier-turned-nurse Maher set fire to Safra’s French Riviera villa so that he could appear in time and rescue his employer, earning him a reward.

But Safra, 67, believed intruders were trying to kill him and locked himself and another nurse in a fortified “panic room”.

The banker, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, and Viviane Torrent, died from suffocation.

Prosecutors in Monaco, where the incident took place several years ago, allege Maher stabbed himself and told police intruders had started the fire before admitting the truth.

The case continues.

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