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Elton Reveals He Was in Pain Well Before Being Diagnosed With Appendicitis
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 10
July 2013 @ 15:37

Elton has revealed he’s been struck down by an agonising bout of appendicitis which could have killed him.

The 66-year-old had to scrap his European tour after stomach pain forced him off stage on Friday. Scans showed a potentially-fatal appendix abscess.

Sir Elton told the Sun: Im lucky to be alive.

The pop veteran risked his life by battling his way through concerts despite crippling stomach pain.

He thought it was food poisoning when in fact he had an appendix abscess.

Elton said: I was a ticking time bomb. I guess I could have died at any time.

I feel so lucky and so grateful to be alive. I played nine gigs and the White Tie and Tiara Summer Ball in agony. 

But on Friday the composer could no longer endure the pain and was forced to walk off stage halfway through his set in Halle, Germany. Since then, Elton has received drugs to reduce his inflamed appendix, plus antibiotics to counter the risk of blood poisoning. He has been staying in bed at his Windsor home, and will have surgery once the swelling goes down.