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Elton’s £££ – controversial TV programme this weekend
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BBC3 is a week old and already has a scoop!

Saturday 15
February 2003 @ 5:22

Liquid Assets: Elton John’s Millions. A 60-minute controversial exploration of Elton’s finances, revealing how much cash the extravagant star has spent during his career.

The programme is only available on the new digital television station launched last week, BBC3 in the UK.

The programme is being screened at 8pm (2000 GMT) on Sunday, February 16, 2003, and again on Monday, February 17, 2003 at 1:35am (0135 GMT). So even if you set the VCR wrong, you can still have another go!

The programme charts Elton’s life from humble beginnings, through the years when drugs took hold of his life and his bank balance, to recent times, where Elton has found a sense of emotional and financial stability.

Reporter Colin Paterson digs deep to uncover Elton’s true worth. With contributions from Halle Berry and Tom Hanks, plus a frank interview with Elton himself.

The film includes interviews with friends such as Nanette Newman (wife of producer Bryan Forbes and to whose daughters Elton is godfather) and Sir Cliff Richard, who offer an insight into Elton’s spendthrift ways.

Further info is available from:

[This is a must-see. The programme has been a year in the making and many celebrities were kindly warded off taking part, according to an email circulating in 2002. The programme is bound to upset a few people, but just how much cooperation it received from those rewarded for working with Elton will probably become apparent in this show. The question is: will it do to Elton what Martin Bashir’s expose of Michael Jackson did to Whacko Jacko? Ed.]