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A jazz organist was recently a Rocket Hour guest.

Ronnie Foster chatted about Reboot, his first new album in over three decades, his memories of discovering the organ as a child, and more.

Elton admitted that it’s only in the past couple of months that he has become familiar with Ronnie’s music. He has now bought all of his albums, and called his guest ”an incredible” musician and singer:

Ronnie said he was just four when he picked up the piano. It wasn’t until he was in his teens that the musician played an organ, when he visited a friend’s home for a jam session.

 ”There was no piano, but there was a Hammond B3. I jumped on it, and it changed my life, forever.”
Elton said he is ”hopeless on the Hammond organ,” although it is one of his favourte instruments.
”To hear it played properly is such a joy for me.” So he respects those who have that ability.
The songwriter added: ”I just want to catch you one day, because you play the music I want to hear.”