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Elton’s Candle Top 10 in Funeral Requests
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Elton’s song Candle In the Wind popular with Funeral Services

Monday 26
August 2002 @ 17:28

Elton’s Candle In the Wind, the Marilyn Monroe tribute penned with Bernie Taupin and re-written for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, is a favourite at British funeral services, Lorinda Sheasby, marketing manager of Funeralcare, told radio service NPR News on August 25, 2002.

Candle In the Wind was the seventh most requested song, according to a survey of Funeralcare’s 560 branches, a cooperative network, conducted in the United Kingdom recently. Funeralcare arranges 80,000 funerals a year.

Wind featured in the number one requested song too: Scoremusic “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler