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Elton sells glasses after eye implants
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Elton says he did not have laser surgery last year

Thursday 17
June 2004 @ 20:05

Elton is going to auction off his massive collection of spectacles, reported The Sun on June 17, 2004 and reveals he had implants in his eyes – not laser surgery as earlier reported.

Elton john and his glassesThe singer, who has suffered from short-sightedness for years, went under the knife to correct his impaired vision last year.

And now that Elton’s eyesight is perfect he no longer has any reason to keep his huge haul of outrageous glasses.

The star, who has used his specs as a fashion statement for years, said: “Theyre not much use to me now.

“I have just had implants not laser surgery in my eyes so Ive got 20/20 vision now.

“All the other glasses are just sitting there. I feel another auction coming on.”

Elton is well known for selling off his surplus stuff.

He holds regular sales of his designer clothes and donates all the money raised to his Elton John Aids Foundation.