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Elton slams music biz
Posted by editor

Advises young talent to bank the money

Thursday 7
November 2002 @ 6:30

The music business views young artists as nothing more than moneymakers and forces them to put image over music, Elton 

said on November 6, 2002.

“We started off as songwriters and there were no videos in those days — you had to work live to get a record contract,” John said on Independent Television’s GMTV morning show.

“It was all about the song. Nowadays it’s so much more about the packaging and the visual aspect of it, the videos,” he said. “And the songwriting aspect has gone out of the window a bit.”

The 55-year-old offered advice to successful young musicians: “Save your money, make sure you’re getting your money, put it in the bank, because you are just a commodity to these people.”