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Elton’s Souvenirs
Posted by editor_usa

A Look at What The Singer Has Been Buying

Friday 17
June 2005 @ 23:29

Although Elton is famous for flamboyant outfits, he has made a more sedate selection for his June 25 Easter Road gig.

According to the Evening News, he has ordered a green and white Hibs shirt which reads ”John”– and ”25” for the date he is playing Edinburgh. It’s believed to be his latest such order, since he has reportedly been collecting a shirt from every football stadium on the current tour.

Bill Alcorn, general secretary of Hibs Supporters’ Club, isn’t an EJ fan, but welcomes any publicity he can bring them.

So far tickets are still available, and they cost 35, 40 and 60 pounds. When they first went on sale in February, many people were furious because of price-related booking fees adding as much as 6 pounds extra a ticket.