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Elton’s ”Tiny Dancer”
Posted by editor_usa

The Performer Has Received a Most Appropriate Birthday Gift

Thursday 19
April 2012 @ 17:38

A celebrated, cutting edge street artist is branching out into iron and oak pieces during a new month-long solo show entitled Walk, at London’s Imitate Modern, opening today.

This exhibition, running through May 10, will feature large-scale canvases, light-boxes, and sculpture, all of which capture Stiks trademark grittiness, and refined attention to detail.

Having spent a number of years homeless, Stik has an intimate relationship with the street. This is something which is evident in his murals, and that he combines effortlessly with a fine art sensibility.

Despite his unorthodox approach to public art and lack of formal training, Stik has been recognised as a valuable asset by the N.H.S, British Waterways, the Barbican, and the British Council, who have commissioned permanent murals by him, both in London and abroad.

The artist was recently commissioned to produce an exclusive limited edition print for the 2011 Q Music Awards, which was awarded to artists including Bono, Brian May, Noel Gallagher, Chris Martin, Gary Barlow, Jesse J, Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran.

He also has a connection to Elton, which he discussed with this Web site.

”I was asked by my current gallery, Imitate Modern, if I had something to give Elton John for his bithday.

”Although I have never met the singer, I am a great fan of his work and jumped at the opportunity to pass my print, called Dancer, to him.

”It’s funny I didn’t see the relevance at the time, but the print is quite tiny and it is a dancer: I guess it is a ‘Tiny Dancer’!”