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Elton Talks to Jamie Cullum
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 22
March 2005 @ 22:00

In the April 2005 issue of Interview, Elton asks Jamie Cullum about his recording and touring plans, while throwing in some of his own recollections and preferences.

The older musician says that the first person he ever saw who knew how to ”hit the piano” was Keith Jarrett. He also admires Tori Amos, Chris Martin and Jamie himself for their ”physical” way of performing. It’s a form of ”showmanship,” which, he feels, goes over particularly well in America.

Elton also cites one of the industry’s ”downfalls”–where artists have to wait longer nowadays to do their second releases.

”The record companies have this huge habit now of just eking out an album until they’ve wrung every piece of life out of it, and so you tour for two years on one album’s worth of material.”

At one time, most did at least one record every 10 months, according to Elton. He should know, having finished 17 in just five years.