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Elton worth a “small” fortune of £175M
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Sunday Times report shows

Friday 16
April 2004 @ 21:34

Elton is worth £175 million and joint ninth-richest music millionaire with pal Sting, according to a Sunday Times Rich List to be published on April 18, 2004.

Elton was behind eighth-placed (Sir) Mick Jagger on £180 million.

Sir Paul McCartney, who had reigned supreme at the top of the charts in previous years, was toppled into position 2 on an estate worth £760 million, by little-known talent spotter Clive Calder, who was worth £1.235 billion.

Andrew (Lord) Lloyd Webber was in third place on £400 million, and record chief Robert Stigwood of RSO record label fame, seventh on £200 million.

Elton pal Ozzy Osbourne (with TV wife Sharon) was 21st on £100 million and Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts 23rd on £80 million.

[Ed. Not long ago Elton was reported to be worth upwards of £300 million. What did he do wrong? Invest half his money in equities? As the old saying goes – how do you make a small fortune on the stockmarket? Start with a large fortune!]