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Fan Report: Patty Perrín.

Thursday 27
March 2003 @ 5:58

(Saturday, March 22, 2003; 8:00 p.m. -Mexico time-. Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México Theater, MEXICO).

Very excited, Nadya Muciño, Carlos Orozco, my mom and I (all of us involved in the mexican fansite “ELTON JOHN MEXICO”): arrived to the University Theater since 5:00 p.m. to organize everything related with our event benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

We met there Tonatiuh González and Gaby (from the “Proyecto Hermano” Foundation)and the members of “Variety Club Foundation” (all of them in support of men, women and children with HIV/AIDS and/or cancer and really wonderful persons).

My friend Nadya (huge Elton fan, by the way) since a couple of days ago, created red ribbons (AIDS symbols) to share them with the audience and the show cast.  Carlos helped her doing that, at the same time that we “prayed to Reggie”…with the idea of having more spectators (and everytime we did that, the theater’s elevator doors opened with more people…I swear it!…that was amazing!)…

Since the beginning of the event, everybody was able to hear Elton voice because his latest album “Greatest Hits 1970-2002” was playing on.  In that way, we really felt that he was present by our side wishing us good luck in this new adventure.

The show began at 8:00 p.m. and it was incredible, with a wonderful production and coreography.  The cast sang live (also the music was live) with so much quality that you could swear they were really Madonna’s band! 
The show presented a lot of Madonna’s hits and at the end, the cast received a very fair standing ovation.

Nadya, Carlos and I got the chance to congratulate and say thanks to the cast for their great effort and for contributing with the EJAF (also in Elton’s name), telling them he would be very proud knowing that young people were doing so nice work in time of war crisis.  They were really happy to know that Elton must know about this charity event.

At the end of the show, we raffled three copies of “Greatest Hits 1970-2002” to the audience and the winners were really happy with their luck.  We still don’t know how much money was obtained, because the Treasury Department of the University has to check it out and after that, they will divide the money in equal parts between the different Foundations involved in the event, but as soon as we get this information, we’ll be happy to share it with you.  (By the way, we are also motivating persons to donate online and Nadya also created little pigs as collection boxes -with Elton’s look: exotic glasses and blond hair-…to obtain more money from relatives and friends), but I think that in the first days of April, we will be ready to have the total results.

It was an unforgettable night for all of us and we really appreciate (and want to thank, as always) the support of the Tec de Monterrey University, the “Proyecto Hermano” Foundation, “Variety Club” Foundation, the cast, the musicians, and of course, the audience who made all this possible.  Also, thanks to Nancy Case! (for her wonderful idea), the Elton John AIDS Foundation (for their incredible work) and specially, we would like to thank
Sir Elton John for letting us be a small part of his incomparable humanism.  
That’s why, dear Elton, everyday we all admire and love you more and more…God bless you forever and ever and we hope you had a really Happy Birthday!

PS. Remember that you can still help with this charity for the EJAF donating online in the following link:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will send you photos of our event soon.  Unfortunately, our own camera had technical problems, but the University staff promised that they will help us with that pretty soon…sorry for the inconvenience…