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EXCLUSIVE! Bluesology features on Little Richard CD
Posted by editor

Look out for the recent release

Tuesday 10
August 2004 @ 2:52

Our newsdesk has been informed by Bluesology band members to be on the look out for a CD recently released which features the boys.

Elton’s former band were backing band for crooner Little Richard in the late 1960s.

Little Richard Album featuring BluesologyA new CD from Little Richard called Get Down With It: The OKeh Sessions features four tracks recorded at the Saville Theatre London. They are: Get Down With It, Hound Dog, Rocking Chair, and Rose Mary.

The album is released by Legacy Records.

The recordings were produced at Abbey Road Studios, London and engineered and produced by the famous Norman “Hurricane” Smith.

If you know more about this recording, drop us a note at Thanks!

[Ed. There are few examples of Bluesology live available. So this will be a must.]