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Exclusive Elton’s new song for AOL members
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Hear ‘Answer In The Sky’

Tuesday 17
August 2004 @ 3:08

For the next 24 hours Elton John is giving AOL members an exclusive listen to his brand-new track, ‘Answer in the Sky.’ The song is from ‘Peachtree Road,’ his new album coming in November.

Click here to listen if you are an AOL member.

If anyway you cannot hear it here are the lyrics of this new song:

Answer In The Sky

Well they say it’s a fact if you watch the sky at night
And if you stare into the darkness, you might see celestial light
And if your heart is empty, and there’s no hope in sight
There’s a chance you’ll find an answer in the sky

Well they say it’s a shame if you have nothing to believe
And if you can’t hold onto something
You might as well die where you sleep
You don’t need a prayer and there’s no price to ask why
Sometimes you’ll find an answer in the sky

It’s all so much bigger than it seems
And it overwhelms us now and then
And I’m banking on a chance that we believe
That good still controls the hearts of men

…sometimes you’ll find an answer in the sky

It’s life’s … road we shouldn’t have to walk alone
But if you find the right companion
You won’t feel so worn out when you’ve …
All life is precious and every day’s a prize
And sometimes you’ll find an answer in the sky