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Some Elton John fans have slammed event organisers after hundreds were forced to give up attending his concert last night due to traffic chaos.

Others say they had to abandon their cars and walk along the hard shoulder in order to get to the gig.

The Rocket Man was playing at the Exeter Westpoint Arena on Sunday night but many did not arrive until half way through the gig after there was gridlock on all three lanes of the M5.

The traffic chaos occurred five miles from the main turning for the arena and other main dual carriageways. Folks blamed organisers and a lack of traffic information for the chaos.

Devon and Cornwall Police claim concert times were brought forward but they and Devon Highways were not informed. 

Meanwhile the 15,000 fans who managed to attend the open air concert were soaked by the constant rain.

Tom Bonard told the  Mail: ”It was a disaster. They were not prepared for the event and it was really disappointing. A lot of people were disappointed.”

Andrea Tincombe took two hours to get to the M5 and do three miles before her party used their knowledge of country lanes to get into the venue – but the show had already started because the start time had been brought forward.

She said: ‘I’t was chaos. There was no information. Vehicles were stuck on the M5 for miles and not moving.”

Nick Smith, from Exeter, reported: ”People were still arriving at the venue half way through the concert. It was a total shambles.

 ”We spent £90 each on the tickets and there was parking on top – but they could not organise a drinking session in a brewery.

”It was the same in Plymouth at the Rod Stewart concert a week before.”