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FAN REPORT: Tabernacle Connection
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Marian Joy Friedman reports

Monday 24
February 2003 @ 0:03

With fingers crossed, I departed for Atlanta, Georgia, with 26 inches of snow on the ground and New Jersey being in a state of emergency!

Enough complaining….the shows were amazing, AMAZING! Elton performed at the Tabernacle on February 18 and 19, 2003.

It was a thrill and honour to attend an EJAF event and to be so close to Elton and the band… certainly made them all the more human versus the huge venues like Madison Square Garden. The venue held 1500 seats so I think you get the idea of how intimate the show was…

The accoustics were not so good from where I sat the first night next to a speaker on the 2nd floor…but not through fault of…that ticket i had to get on my own.  the second night, the accoustics were VERY good.

Prior to the show, I kept asking security and staff if the show would be its normal duration or if it would be an abridged version.

No one knew but it wasn’t long before Elton advised us that it was going to be a long show, and indeed it was 3 hours.

Harmony and Dixie Lilly were two great oldies that everyone flipped over…particularly Harmony and Elton’s prayers were answered because he hit all the high notes as the song was not altered from the the original version.  

All The Girls Love Alice brought back Saturday Night’s Alright into the song set  and Elton had some fun with it.  The band and Elton played around with Saturday Night’s Alright with an old time beat blended into the background but I couldn’t place the beat…could it have been a song from the Beach Boys?  I don’t know but they were having a great time with it and that was great!  Most other songs were similar to songs done in recent shows.

My favourite of the night was a toss up between Ryan Adam‘s My Sweet Carolina and Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. I just love those sort of songs, so moving and Elton really did My Sweet Carolina great justice.  He is so moving, so warm and so talented!

How can you not be addicted after going to one of his concerts or in my case, more then just one concert?  Do I dare say  how I would love to hear Elton John sing the real romantics from the likes of Frank Sinatra and similar? Well, i said it, but back to the Tabernacle. 

Elton wore black Tuesday night with a black t-shirt.  He wore pink Wednesday night with a black t-shirt with a pink collar. His eyewear was adequate.  I guess he didn’t have the laser surgery yet?  Oh how I depend on him as an inspirer of eyewear…he is my eyewear role model! 

For those that have not visited Atlanta, the Tabernacle is located very near Philips Arena and the Olympic Park. atlanta – eLTON’S ADOPTED HOME –  is nice:  clean, relaxed, polite with magnificant homes and I mean magnificant. I had Pittypat‘s southern food and it was mighty fine and the people in Atlanta are really nice and eager to help out a visitor.  It’s a great place to visit  but heck, i’m a Jersey girl and my heart belongs to New York!  But who’s complaining?  At the Tabernacle, everyone got a chance to be close to Elton no matter where they sat and have one of the best Elton concerts ever.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution added on February 21, 2003:

If Atlanta City Council President Cathy Woolard asked you to repeat yourself on Thursday, it wasn’t because of inattentiveness. Woolard, like a lot of others taking in Elton John’s intimate AIDS foundation fund-raiser concert
at the Tabernacle downtown Wednesday night, was experiencing a ringing in her ears.

Even worse off Thursday was Atlanta Gas Light spokesman Nick Gold, who was sitting in the front row directly in front of a speaker. “I just stopped at the pharmacy to see if there was anything I could get to stop it,” Gold told us. “It even hurt to listen to the radio in the car on the way home last night. It was worth it, though. It was truly a great show. I don’t know how
Elton deals with the volume though

Special night at the Tabernacle – Wednesday, February 19 2003 at 07:19:48