Feed Me: Labelle Recalls How Her Famous Friend Showed His Gratitude For Her Food Packages

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Elton once presented Patti Labelle with a diamond ring as a thank you for feeding him when he was a struggling musician.

The Lady Marmalade hitmaker befriended the piano player, then known by his real  name ‘Reginald Dwight,’  in the mid-1960s when she performed with her band The Bluebelles at nightclubs in London – where the rocker was a member of the group, Bluesology.

They would unwind after shows by playing card games for money, but the men were no match for LaBelle and her bandmates Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx, who would often clean up, leaving the guys broke.  But Patti took it upon herself to cook up feasts for their financially-strapped pals and send them home with leftovers.

 After hitting the big time, Elton decided to show his gratitude by presenting his colleague with a big rock. She treasures it to this day, and says, “They had no money so I would make food at my flat, invite them all over and feed them. Elton took my Tupperware back in the day… but he replaced my Tupperware by giving me a big diamond ring that I have at home. It’s there and it’s beautiful.”

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