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Nic Hall has written an article for the New Zealand Herald in which he recollects meeting Elton unexpectly. It was 1984, when he was a young art director at a small advertising agency in Wellington.

Nic writes:

”I was out for a business dinner at a new hotel in Oriental Parade with the head of a modelling agency.

”We took a long time over dinner as the budget was generous, and enjoyed a few drinks. The hotel pianist had been playing various background music on and off all evening.

”Much later in the night, I noticed he had changed style considerably, and was now playing and singing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It sounded so good that I turned to watch, and saw it was actually Elton John himself now at the piano.

”The other diners, many of them whom were much older than I was, were oblivious to the change in pianist. I went up to Elton and asked if he would play Candle in the Wind. He moved along on the piano stool for me to join him and said he would play it if I sang it.

”I did my best, with Elton joining in – he probably realised quickly that singing was not my strength – and the other guests continued on with their evening without noticing us.
”A few minutes later, Bernie Taupin wandered along and Elton said goodbye to me and left. I realised he must have come back to the hotel after his concert at Athletic Park and wanted to wind down a little before bed.

”It was a surreal experience and a great memory to have. As singing is definitely not my forte, the thought of me singing with Elton John has caused much amusement within my family. My wife always enjoys telling people – especially friends who know that I can’t sing – about my duet with the star.”