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Nigel Gibbs holds the record for the highest number of starts in Hornets colours. He is the longest serving player in Watford’s history, hence he was granted not one but two testimonials by the Hertfordshire club.

That playing career was, says the Swansea City FC coach, a “dream come true” for a Watford fan who grew up just down the road in St Albans.
Elton, another Watford supporter, had taken over as chairman of the club in 1976. His contribution was such that a stand was named after him in 2014. Gibbs has met the pop vocalist many times over the years, but there are two occasions which really stick with him.
”In 1987, we had an end-of-season trip to China and he came along,” the 51-year-old tells
“He was very pleased because in China only the people who were staying in the hotels really knew him – that meant he could be quite free.
“He would come and watch training and the games. We actually won the trophy we were playing for and in the evening we got Elton to go and play the piano.
“In the song he played, he used everyone’s name, and when he mentioned your name you got up and waved and joined in.
“I was also very fortunate that he did a concert at Vicarage Road on the day of my wedding anniversary and he dedicated a song, Electricity, to my wife. That was very nice.
“He loves football and he is very knowledgeable. He knew everything about you as a person and your family. He is a good guy.”