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Elton has tweeted a message of appreciation to his devotees.


”1.1 billion streams–wow! Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to my music on Spotify this year.”
His husband called it a ”landmark moment,” but also made a confession.
He admitted that he was scared to become Elton’s manager. While they had already collaborated on film and theatre projects and ”thrived working side by side with the AIDS foundation,” David Furnish hesitated about taking on ”the added responsiblity of his music career.”
He said,”I didn’t want to put our relationship under that kind of pressure.”
It was just over six years ago that the former advertising executive decided to look after Elton’s career. 
He thanked fans as well as their ”brilliant team” and says it’s been a ”helluva ride.”
The 58-year-old then wrote, ”Here’s to many more years of Elton soaring like a rocket to newer heights.”