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Several months ago, Elton and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness got together on an episode of Instagram‘s #Advocates series to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and the stigma still surrounding te disease. It can now be viewed, in celebration of Pride Month.


During their chat, Elton complimented Jonathan for being open about his own HIV status.
Van Ness admitted to being wary about raising the subject, as he didn’t want his entire career to be defined by it. But then he decided, ”Let’s define it. Yes, yes, I want to help.”
Elton said he plans to keep fighting for people’s rights until the day he dies, realising he’s been fortunate in his own life. 
”If I help peoiple by being gay, if I help people witth the AIDS foundation, if I help people with my music or help people get sober and clean . . . that’s the least I can do. You just have to give back all the time.”