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Elton’s Versace garment goes on stage

Tuesday 15
October 2002 @ 23:14

If you walk through the revolving doors of Londons Victoria & Albert Museum you will see one exhibition end and another begin.

Elton bought a star-shaped tiara in a CHEAP bridal store in Los Angeles in 1996. An exhibition depicting such tiaras may have ended at the V&A recently, but now you can view Eltons check-design Versace suit in a new expose.

The V&A opens doors on October 17, 2002, to Versace an exhibition of the late prolific and artistic frock maker, Gianni Versace. was invited to a press preview this week. Here George Matlock  surveys the offering.

A total of 150 garments are on display, some of whom identify the wearers as Sting, Diana, or Liz Hurley.

But if you seek a torrent of Elton sartorial eloquence you will have to make do with just one garment.

And if you crave a postcard of that garment, well, you will have to fork out £24.95 for the catalogue and one large photo. Not cheap? Well, this is Versace, sweetie!

The jacket is from Versaces Autumn/Winter 1995-96 collection.

A printed silk crepe, embroidered with black and silver sequins, in a black and white chessboard pattern. Lovely.

Contains black stones and diamantes edged with black paillettes and diamantes, black cotton twill, and black cotton trousers.

Yes, plain black slacks which almost felt out of place and gave the allure of being underdressed.VERSACE at the V&A

Versace also made suits in red and white check pattern something like we saw Elton wear for Billy Joels birthday gig, May 9, 1994, at Londons Earls Court Arena.

The designer also made a leopard skin for some occasions, and bright pea green PVC for Elton.

As for the rest, well laid-out. But a section named Souvenirs de Leningrad seemed inappropriately titled since the regal city never wore much glamour when its name St. Petersburg-cum-Petrograd debuted with the name of the father of the Russian Revolution!

And that section, of ultimately circus-quality garb in a dark chamber where spotlights were randomly shone, made it seem like a tennis match. Neck ache.

Giannis successor, sister Donatella Versace also gets a section no doubt to affirm the brand lives on and to contrast her more modern appeal alongside Giannis classic cuts.

Am I still a Versace fan after an hour in here? You bet!

The exhibition is open until January 12, 2003.