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Hop Farm Paddock Wood Sunday 20th June.
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FAN REVIEW by Glenys Taylor

Wednesday 23
June 2004 @ 6:29

My friend picked me up at 2.20pm  we arrived at 2.45pm in the pouring rain & it felt cold as well.
There was a Food & Drink festival going on there. So to get out of the rain we watch two cookery demonstrations for an hour, by this time it had left of raining, but still felt cold. When the gates opened, we went to find our seats, by this time it was pouring with rain again. 
The Scissors Sisters came on at 6pm. & finished about 40 minutes later. I thought they were good. By the time they finished it had stopped raining and the sun came out. 
We actually saw Eltons Helicopter arrive but we could’nt see him. 
 Elton came on stage at 7.20pm wearing his black suit red shirt & white shoes. His opening song is the Bitch Is Back.  About half way through the concert his band go for a short break & Elton sings solo. Sacrifice & Candle In The Wind.
Elton gave it 110% I thought he was Fantastic he was on form & his voice was strong. But I would say that 95% of the audience was’nt true fans & did’nt really want to be there. So the atmosphere was’nt buzzing. Normally after his concerts I would go home buzzing, & I would be buzzing for a week after. But this time I was’nt because of the way the audience behaved.
About half hour before the end of the concert Elton sang I’m Still Standing & Crocodile Rock, at this point the audience did get to their feet & started singing along which I thought was a bit more like it.  His last song was Your Song & the concert finished at 9.50pm.  We then saw his helicopter come back to pick him up but we still did’nt see him. If I could have seen him it would have made my day. 
My friend & I enjoyed the concert very much, but neither of us was impressed with the rest of the audience.
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