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Bryan Adams has been inspired by to do as much as he can for charity.

The younger rocker took the advice that charity begins at home, and started his philanthropic ventures in his native Canada by joining local environmental organisations.

However Elton’s use of his fame to raise money for the fight against AIDS has encouraged Bryan to think bigger in terms of his giving and promotion of good causes.

“I’m motivated because having a voice means you can instigate change for good,” he told Hello! magazine. “Elton John is an inspiration in that regard, his foundation raises millions and it’s humbling to see the progress they have made in terms of fighting AIDS.”

Despite being an international star, who in 2013 released a photography book showing wounded British soldiers, Bryan says he still likes to help out locally with projects in London, England, where he currently lives.

“My most recent focus has been close to home, with helping local schools with their music programmes and more recently developing the neglected outdoor spaces for students at an urban school near where I live,” he shared.

While he may be focused on school facilities right now, Bryan is still committed to wider political causes, adding, “I lend my name to things that have to do with human rights and I stick up for injustices committed against others.”

Not content with merely helping with local schools and engaging in the global fight for human rights, the vocalist also wants to help save the planet.

“My dream would be to see a massive environmental change in the world: more harnessing of sunlight, less dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear energy,” he explained.