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How One of Elton’s ”Million Dollar” Looks Was Created
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 9
November 2011 @ 15:52

As mentioned previously, Elton asked creative director and founder of Prism, Anna Laub, to design an exclusive range of frames for his Million Dollar PianoVegas show. 

Working closely with Eltons friend and stylist, Jo Levin, for this special collection, Anna designed hand made and hand finished frames using traditional techniques with vintage materials. Each frame is carved out of colored acetate blocks, unique and one of kind guaranteed.

The unique assortment features crystallised frames with the same colour glasses in warm burgundy, mystic black, emerald green, midnight blue and glamorous gold. Eltons name is crystallised on the side and some of the frames show contrasting crystal embellishments.

Prism plans to offer consumers a smaller selection of similar spectacles. Below are a few of the styles created expressly for Sir Elton.