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I Am Your Robot
Posted by editor_usa

Georgia Rock Trio May Be Joining Elton’s Company And Playing Part in ”Diving Board” Project

Tuesday 16
July 2013 @ 17:15

Not long ago, a talent scout for Eltons Rocket Music management company was in the audience at a Kick the Robot performance.

Then within days, guitarist and singer Jesse Scarpone, bassist and vocalist Daniel Remel and drummer Dylan Hansen the local winners of the 2012 Hard Rock Rising battle of the bands competition were on their way to a series of meetings with the part-time Atlantan at the Elton’s Peachtree Road address.

We thought it was a joke, it was so completely surreal, Dylan admitted to Atlanta magazine. His housekeepers were making us lunch, he was in the other room Skype-ing his kids and we were just sitting there in the living room, surrounded by all this amazing pottery, asking each other, Is this real?

It turns out that Elton had already heard Kick the Robots brand-new full-length studio debut, Music to Fight the Future,  but he wanted to make sure the band could bring it live.

He was just incredibly nice and I think that he appreciates that we love using vocal harmonies and that we have such a strong appreciation for melody and that were a trio since his next album {The Diving Board} is pared back to a piano, drums and bass setting.

Elton ended up nviting the Kick the Robot players back to his place for an interview for a documentary to possibly be included on some of the extras slated for The Diving Board when it comes out September 24.


Elton played reporter and asked us questions about our influences and how the band came about, says Hansen. He seems really committed to celebrating and giving exposure to new bands. He just has stage presence. Its impossible not to listen to him. That kind of presence doesnt evaporate when youre off stage. You have to listen to every word he says. He was also really inquisitive about how we achieved different sounds and what instruments we used. It was really a musician-to-musician vibe.


Whether or not a deal between Kick the Robot and Rocket Music pans out  from the meetings is really beside the point for Hansen, who notes:


 For someone like Elton John to show us such respect and to set aside time for us like that, it meant a lot.