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I Don’t Care
Posted by editor_usa

”Billy Elliot” Gets Slammed by U.S. Magazine

Thursday 7
July 2005 @ 22:52

According to the New Zealand Herald, Elton’s chances for a Broadway showing of Billy Elliot may have been damaged by a recent New Yorker article.

John Lahr, a critic who has written 17 books on the theatre, dismisses the musical, calling it ”sloppy,” ”mawkish” and repetitive.” It’s a ”muddle masquerading as a major event,” while the director, writer and choreographer are ”novices.”

His comments are the opposite of the British press, which has had almost nothing but praise for Billy Elliot. Elton’s public relations representative, Gary Farrow, pointed out as much. He said that the writer was entitled to his opinion, but ”since he is the only one, we do not care.”